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Native Woodland Management, Restoration & Regeneration


In todayís rapidly changing climate itís important to ensure new woodlands are not only healthy enough to provide good carbon sequestration, but meet local wildlife and conservation priorities as well. Working with the needs of local wildlife brings ecological and landscape value and underpins successful establishment. Quality of planting and protection save the client money and ensure quick establishment. With robust, industry standard protocols and good management even the most challenging of sites and designs can be realised.

Download a pdf guide to native woodland restoration


Landscaping, Estate management & Permaculture


Estate management should not only include management of natural habitats and formal gardens for pleasure and recreation, but can also focus on conservation, diversity and food to create a self supporting management system. Sustainable woodland management from niche market harvesting alongside fruit, nut and and vegetable production can create local produce that is not only valuable, but an environment that is a pleasure to be part of.

Permaculture is a holistic land managment tool that incorporates all of these perspectives.


Trees & Native Shrubs

AGC can provide trees, shrubs and protection from grazing animals at competitive prices please ask for a free quote.



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