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Whether it be communities of interest or location, people coming together and working towards an objective or wider vision is where much of our conservation and environmental work in the UK happens. 


  • Volunteers contributed 1.9bn hours in 2003 (the equivalent of about a million full-time workers).
  • Volunteering is worth 22.6bn a year to the UK economy
  • 72% of voluntary and community organisations employ no paid staff
  • Source: Home Office Citizenship Survey/VSNTO 2003


For Community Projects

Understanding the minefield of fundraising and how to market and develop projects is an intergral part of community project success. AGC can enable your project to flourish and move forward to realise your goals and let the world know what you are passionate about. Development of SMART objectives is important, but capacity building helps create a firm foundation for long-term sustainability.


For Businesses

Many companies now have active social and environmental responsibility programs (Corporate Social Responsibility), which include regularly donating to good causes or involving employees in volunteering for good causes. This has many exciting benefits not only for community projects, but also it can be immensly satisfying for employees and as such, good for business.

As a consultant I can link business with community environmental projects and develop and manage an ongoing relationship that can be mutually beneficial.


For Individuals coming together

From time to time I run courses to help people be part of giving something back. To enable people to focus on doing the right thing for the environment and be part of the solution. Sanghaseva is a Buddhist concept  and is part of the underpinning philosophy of this work. Sanghaseva is made up of two words: sangha is a community of friends, and seva means service.




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